Unshaped Refractory Materials

DFC-13 is suitable for general industrial kiln linings, such as boilers.

DFC-145 is suitable for aluminum refining industry applications, including alumina suspension calcination furnace linings, heating furnaces, homogenization furnaces, tunnel kilns, cement kiln preheaters, and more.

DFC-15 is a low cement refractory castable with a maximum operating temperature of 1500°C. It is suitable for various applications, including fluidized bed boiler linings, cement kiln preheaters, kiln hoods, cooler linings, alumina fluidized calcination furnace linings, heating furnaces, tunnel kilns, and homogenization furnace linings.

DFC-16 and DFC-18 are high-strength, low cement refractory castables that use pure calcium aluminate cement as a binder. They are ideal for producing wear-resistant components such as powder gun for molten iron pretreatment, electric furnace roofs, rotary kiln mouths, coolers, and other high-wear areas, as well as wear-prone parts in heating and homogenization furnaces.

DFC-11L and DFC-13L are characterized by low bulk density and low thermal conductivity, providing excellent thermal insulation properties.

DF-961 is an anti-leakage isolation layer material used in aluminum electrolytic cells. Its use not only extends the life of the electrolytic cell and reduces cryolite loss but, more importantly, it saves energy, reducing the specific energy consumption of aluminum production. Additionally, the construction method for this material is simple, labor-saving, time-saving, and offers significant economic and technical advantages.