CA50 Series Product Specification and Applications

The CA50 series of aluminate cement primarily consists of calcium aluminate (CA) and calcium di-aluminate (CA2) mineral phases. It is an essential binding agent in the production of high, medium, and low-grade amorphous refractory materials. Due to its excellent physical and chemical properties, it finds wide applications in various industries, including metallurgy, construction materials, petrochemicals, power plants, boilers, and other industrial kiln and furnace sectors.


CA50-Ⅱ(G6) and CA50-Ⅲ(G7)

Normal Aluminate Cement

  • Used for preparing cement-rich castables, low-cement refractory castables, lightweight refractory castables, and refractory spray coatings.
  • Suitable for preparing temporary, rapid construction, emergency repairs, and support concrete. Also used for mortar coatings on the inner walls of sewage pipes.


Early Strength Aluminate Cement

  • With a higher content of CA mineral phases, it offers high early strength.
  • Used for preparing fast-setting high-strength refractory castables, low-cement refractory castables, alkali-resistant refractory castables, and for quickly producing high-strength refractory precast blocks. It is also used for temporary, rapid construction, emergency repairs, and support concrete.


High-Strength Aluminate Cement

  • It has an excellent CA and CA2 ratio, lower impurities (SiO2, Fe2O3, RO) content, and exhibits higher age strength and good construction performance.
  • Used for preparing medium and low-cement castables, such as fluidized bed boiler linings, cement kiln preheaters, kiln hoods, cooler linings, alumina fluidized bed sintering furnace linings, heating furnaces, and uniform heating furnace linings.

CA50-Fused cement

Ultra-High Early Strength Aluminate Cement

  • Contains an extremely high proportion of CA mineral phases, offers excellent construction performance, ultra-high early strength, stability, and resistance to biological acid corrosion.
  • Used for preparing fast-setting high-strength refractory castables and cement-rich refractory castables, among other applications.