Alpha-AI2O3 Micro Powder, High Aluminum Micro Powder And High Aluminum Fine Powder Series Products

Alpha-Al2O3 Micro Powder, High Alumina Micro Powder, and High Alumina Fine Powder are essential components with different particle sizes for refractory materials. They facilitate particle grading in the matrix and are indispensable for formulating rich cement, low cement, and ultra-low cement castables.


GW-1 Alpha-Al2O3 Micro Powder

  • Possesses high reactivity and excellent filling properties, resulting in lower water demand and improved fluidity in castables.
  • Used in the preparation of low cement or ultra-low cement castables.
  • Suitable for formulating refractories with higher temperatures, such as corundum-based, corundum-spinel, or spinel-based castables.
  • Applied in the production of electric furnace roof covers, iron trough channels, narrow bricks, and more.

GLW-1 High Alumina Micro Powder

  • When combined with silica micro powder, GLW-1 High Alumina Micro Powder can be used to prepare cost-effective, high-performance low cement castables. It can also be a suitable substitute for some alumina micro powder, depending on the material selection.
  • Used in the preparation of low cement or ultra-low cement castables.

High Alumina Fine Powder

  • High Alumina Fine Powder is uniformly sintered with a dense structure and stable composition. It is an essential component for formulating general low cement refractory castables and rich cement castables.
  • The castables prepared with this powder are primarily used in tunnel kilns, shuttle kilns, reheating furnaces, boilers, industrial kiln linings, and more.